Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ayumi Hamasaki: Japanese Sexy Celebrities

Ayumi Hamasaki: Japanese Sexy Celebrities

This is my first post here. Since I don’t think I’m too good at reviewing albums and songs individually, I’ll be reviewing my favorite J-pop artists by the person. Today, I’m reviewing Ayumi Hamasaki.

Who Is She? A hugely famous J-pop singer in Japan, called the “Empress of Pop.”

Why I like her…as a person: She’s hard working without being too much of a diva. After becoming deaf in one ear, she continued her career without hesitation. She’s a trendsetter, writes her own songs and controls her own image, and is confident with who she is.

Why I like her…as a singer: Ayumi isn’t afraid to take risks. She’s covered many different genres, and many of her songs were like nothing I’d ever heard before. Her lyrics and vocals are full of emotion and are at times very touching. She makes use of her vibrato along with her high, sometimes squeaky vocals, which is something to get used to, but unique nonetheless. The first time I listened to her, I didn’t like her honestly…but later on, I thought, “this music is really different.” And that’s what I’d say about Ayumi Hamasaki. She’s different.

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